Why you may need a committee to help interpretation of behavioural choices.

Assembling a committee can be a powerful way of organising the interpretation of human behaviour. This committee would typically consist of peers of the operational professional(s), who will have to act completely independent and must of course not be the local 'friends' of the person in question. The committee would need to be chaired by an as much as independent person, trusted both by the workforce and the management, possibly external. It is important that people do not view the committee as a group of judges/ interrogation. Depending on the maturity of your Just Culture it may be necessary to keep the person's involvement de-identiefied and/or to not involve the line manager in the committee, to make sure the assessment is done objectively.

The committee may use the 'navigator' from the website www.safetyandjustice.eu or any other suitable means to assist them in forming a consensus opinion about the behaviour in question. 

The role of the committee would be to form a consensus opinion only, the committee preferrably is NOT charged with dealing with any follow-up (praise or repraisal) as this would typically the role of the next highest line-manager.