And suddenly you, as the CEO, get confronted with a practical case of a serioius mishap. It could be a case of fraud in your company, or a bad safety incident. Your first response may feel like "fire the person!", but please hang on for just a second!
Sit back and ask yourself (and your management team) some questions. What, exactly, was the nature of the event? Do you know if this is common practice in your organisation? If you do not know, why not? Is it not your responsibility to know and be aware? And if indeed this is common practice, go and rebuild your organisation! Change the nature of the leadership in your company and direct it towards safety, integrity, honesty and, yes, a just culture. You launch an internal investigation to get to the bottom of this. Use external people if you feel you need to. This case may only be the tip of the iceberg. Accept the responsibility that this happened in your company and you are going to put things right.

All this is not to deny that the person committing the act has a good share of the responsibility. A fraud remains a fraud. Bad behaviour remains bad behaviour. Where was his/her own integrity or safety? You have every right to question this and take appropriate actions. But do not shoot from the hip.